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Basic Astrology Reading

So much more than just your sun, moon, and rising... 

This 20-min Astrology Chart Reading will reveal the

Key Areas of your Hidden Astrological "Roadmap".

Are they the one? Is this career really for me? What’s my “big plan” in life?


We’ve all had at least one of these questions cross our minds before.


Walking through life with no solid direction can be hard.


It’s easy to get overwhelmed, worried, and feel completely lost sometimes.


But it doesn’t have to be this way...


What If you had a “roadmap” that exposed nearly every area of your life?


An astrological roadmap that exposed the obstacles…


Some of which seem completely invisible until it’s too late and you trip right over them.


Falling down over something that your roadmap would have easily revealed to you.


You may as well be walking through life blindfolded. 


Because that’s exactly what it feels like sometimes.


You’ve struggled enough...

Let’s take your blindfold off together, as we reveal your Personal Astrological "Roadmap" in this 20-min Video Reading. 


In this recorded Video Reading, I use my 30+ years of experience as a Professional Astrologer and Empathic Psychic to:

  • Break down and go over your entire Astrology Chart.

  • Uncover your personal Astrological Roadmap, giving you more clarity and insight into your life.


As a Bonus we’ll also:

  • Analyze your placements in each of the 12 Houses.

  • Discuss each of them and how they impact the key areas of your life.

  • Discuss your career, finances, and so much more.

You’ve struggled enough...

Gain more clarity and insight about your Astrological “Roadmap”, and learn the truth about what’s REALLY going on in your life!

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