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Discover How the Moon Phase You Were Born Under Shapes Your Personality and Life Path

The phase of the moon at the time of your birth holds powerful clues about your inner self and life journey. Each moon phase carries unique energies that influence your emotions, motivations, and personal growth.


By understanding your moon phase, you can uncover valuable insights into your deepest desires, strengths, and potential challenges.

Carol's Moon Phase Reading Reading 

A personalized 10-minute video reading delivered straight to your inbox that will provide you with key information about:

  • The moon phase you were born under and how it influences your personality

  • How your moon phase impacts your life path and the lessons you are here to learn

In this reading, Carol will use context from other aspects of your birth chart to share how your birth moon phase plays into the rest of your unique astrological blueprint.


Delivered to your inbox in 12 days or less!

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