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January Happenings for all Zodiac Signs

Capricorns you are the featured star this month. You are looking for new venues and excitement. for the new year. You have a great sense of humor even though you often have a serious demeanor. You are the planner of the zodiac and spontaneous is not a favorite word. Boring, no t at all as you are well versed on many topics and not hung up on talking about yourself. You are skilled in whatever is important to you in life. Though often not extremely athletic you can shine in a sport if you put your mind to it. You are generally cautious in relationships and move very slowly. You are generally loyal and enjoy a serious relationship. You are said to be old when you are young and young when you are old.

The Month of January brings forth some new opportunities for you to succeed. This is a time to be cautious with those dollar bills. Some not so good news... Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn which means you will notice your computer acting up, printer not printing... Mostly though calls not returned, and generally issues with communications. Not to worry: Nothing serious but annoying especially with you Capricorns. Call that new person as they are waiting.

Aries: Mercury is hitting your 10th house so sit back and do not have any great expectations with your job or your business. Patience just for about three weeks is recommended. However Jupiter is comfortably residing in your 1st house so luck is on your side. You could meet someone important to your career any time soon. Be on the look out and you will be charmed.

Taurus: Mars is transiting in Taurus so you should be blessed with a lot of energy. Use this energy wisely and good things will happen. Time for a possible makeover...maybe to shed a few pounds. Mercury is in your 8th house and it is retrograde... Spend more time in meditation and quiet yourself down as Mercury will be present in your life. Venus will bring some new people in your life... so that is where the energy will be.

Gemini: Mercury seems to be lurking in your 8th house so you may see financial slow downs. Don't get discouraged just blame it on Mercury Retrograde. Featured this month are friends, acquaintances and opportunities. Trust your friends for good advice. Be careful with promises from people and check out all the details before making a decision or signing on the dotted line.

Cancer: Partnership is the big word and it could be marriage or business. Some silly issues and mistakes so don't take it all too seriously. Things will straighten out by the end of the month. Venus is also in Capricorn so love could be in the air. Don't let Mercury retrograde slow you down. If you are thinking of breaking up with someone be sure it is what you want to do. You may have your eye on someone new.

Leo: You are looking for a busy social life this January. You may be disappointed as there could be a slowdown. Mercury has a way of interfering with life but fortunately it will change by the end of the month. Try not to be impatient when things feel like they are not working. Your work is requiring a lot of extra work. Be ready for this.

Virgo: Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury you do get hit the hardest... sorry about that. However, Mercury does not do permanent damage just a lot of annoyances. However, Mars iis transiting your 9th house so lots of spiritual energy--good for manifesting your dreams and wishes and some quiet meditation..

Libra: Mercury is visiting your 4th house. So not to worry but things just happening around the house... simple stuff like spilling things, misplacing your glasses, leaving the stove on..(be careful) Mars is in Taurus your eight house. Opportunities to make money are before you. Put your energy out there and do your research. Be careful who you team up with and do a thorough research.

Scorpio: Check out your 7th house, which is your house of partnership. No arguments or disagreements that cannot be solved. Be patient and all will be well. Mercury is transiting your 3rd house which means not the best time to travel nothing bad will happen but make sure your car has a lot of gas, credit cards are up to date, reservations are secure. You could meet someone amazing on a trip.

Sagittarius: Money issues are here for the month. Thanks to Mercury transiting your second house. Make sure your bank account is current. Also carry cash with you for unexpected expenses. There may be a bill where you got overcharged.....make that annoying call. You have something special you want to buy and make sure that you can afford this. It is a luxury but you so dearly want it. Thanks to Jupiter in your 5th house things will smooth out.

Aquarius: You are feeling a little off.. not physically but spiritually and emotions in general. This is the time to trust your intuition. Little things are going wrong and they are playing havoc with you. Thankfully Mars is in Taurus so things at home..though energetic are going well. Nothing has broken down so that is good. Also it is time for entertaining friends and family.

Pisces: Money is featured this month and months to come. Check out some investment ideas and it is okay to take a chance with ONLY extra dollars. Friends and acquaintances may get the times wrong for meeting.s and emails may get lost but you will be ok. Venus is also in the 11th house so meeting new people is high on the possibilties. Call some old friends who will be delighted to hear from you.

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