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Carol Starr–
Professional Astrologer

I am Carol Starr, a Professional Astrologer and psychic reader for over thirty years. In past years I have had my own radio show, television appearances, nationally syndicated columns and I was a Keynote speaker for many groups and conventions. I have completed well over 10,000 Astrology charts for people of all ages and walks of life, and have done more intuitive psychic no tools readings than anyone could possibly remember.

My Mission:  I am always here for you to share my knowledge and address your personal concerns. Whether it’s about relationships, work, career, finances, or just feeling STUCK. Each reading is personalized just for you! 

Your astrology reading is a roadmap to follow. You always have free will in life to make choices.  I will share Trends for the year that will give you the best time to make decisions or changes in life.


I'm so pleased and astonished with my reading!!
Thank you Libra Carol!

-Laura Smith Scottsdale, AZ


Amazed!!! I definitely will use your services 
again!  Thanks Carol!

-Sarrena Victoria Los Angeles, CA


I have to admit I was skeptical at first ,
but you 
proved to me astrology is real!
I'll be referring 
all my friends and family.

-Rob Henderson Reno, NV


I couldn't believe it when my Aunt got me a package from The Carol Starr, and it was even better than I could have dreamed, like, she got me. I felt like I was talking to my bff. 


-Ellen Strict, GA

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