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All About Compatibility

The number one question I receive is about compatibility and love. I have written about this more times than I can remember.

What is #sun sign to sun sign compatibility? Does it really matter? Yes and No...

#Astrology will not tell you who you will fall in love with. When two different sun signs meet their signs form either a conjunct (next to each 0ther). opposition (across from each other) a trine ( same modality air, earth, fire or water. or a sextile... every other sign.

Each one of these combinations create different reactions from each person. And not to forget when both are the same #zodiac sign.

The good news is that you can learn from these combinations. The bad thing is there are many other factors determining your compatibility.

More about this in my next post.

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1 Comment

You gave me a compatibility reading and I really enjoyed it! I appreciate your knowledge and love that you share it with us❣️😎 have a great day, Carol😎

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