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All About Virgos. (August 23-September 22)

Happy birthday to you #virgos. You are detail oriented and like perfection in all that you do. You are a good looking group of people..male and female. You can analyze things to eternity and every little detail matters to you.

You are practical and grounded and always down to earth in your approach to life. You do excellent in the medical field as you love taking care of others. However, you do like a lot of attention yourself in relationships. Tangible results of very important to this #zodiacsign .

You are very humble and hate too much attention as it does make you feel uncomfortable. Selt -improvement in your endeavors is first on your mind. And yes, you do like to be complimented. Sometimes your need for perfection really takes over and you can even be obsessive.

You love your friends and share your ideas with them. Social evens that are small are your favorite. You love to learn new things and try new things... though sometimes not too adventurous. You love the good things in life and strive to have them.

You are a kind and loving friend always ready to help when needed.

You are most compatible with Cancer, Libra, Taurus and other Virgos.

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