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Astrostarr04 Style: Carol Starr's Bedazzled Glasses

Attention style seekers and fellow fabulous Libras! ✨

I've finally been able to get a link together for my special glasses everyone loves that I wear on TikTok – the Bullabulling Retro Sparkling Crystal Colorful Diamond Frame Cat Eye Bling Rhinestone Reading Glasses!

Reasons Why I Love these Glasses:

  1. Glam Galore: These glasses are a starry celebration for your face. Cat eye shape with colorful diamonds? Total Libra vibes!

  2. Face-Friendly Chic: Round, square, heart-shaped – these oversized stunners will effortlessly elevate your style no matter your face shape.

  3. Anti-Blue Light: Beyond the bling, these glasses have your back in the digital world. With Anti Blue Light Reflect coating, they filter out the blues, prevent color distortion, and reduce eyestrain. Perfect for my fellow screen-time users enjoying videos!

  4. Great Set: I love that these glasses were sent with a microfiber pouch, cleaning cloth, and glasses box – it helps me keep them clean and organized

  5. Great Customer Experience: If your new bling doesn't have you doing a happy dance like me, the brand Bullabulling's got your back with stellar customer service.

Ready to match with me?

Click the link below to purchase yours! ✨

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