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December Forecast for all Zodiac Signs

Most Astrology forecasts that are popular today in magazines and newspapers just include the sun sign. I evaluate mercury, venus and mars positions. This makes the forecast more inclusive and personalized to the signs. Please also read here your Rising sign as that is very influential for your forecast.

What is the Sagittarius personality really like? You Sagittarians can be the luckiest sign of the zodiac thanks to your ruling planet of Jupiter. You are philosophical and love sharing your views with others. You occasionally get your foot in your mouth due to your honesty and uninhibited ways. If you were born the first ten days of this sign you are a very strong Sagittarius, the second ten days you pick up Aries traits and the third ten days many Leo qualities. You will often rise to the top of your chosen field because you always know what to do to make this happen. Be careful with your words is my best advice as your filter system can act up at times. All in all you are good natured, love your friends and family and always try to do the right and best thing.

You Sagittarius people are loving your home this month and aside from decorating for the holidays you are dreaming up new renovating plans. Be thoughtful of special relationships as many people will be asking for advice this month. You are a great counselor and helping others is one of your goals in life. This is also a good time to take some time off for you. Do something special whatever that may be.

Aries The beginning of December is a good time to contact others for some business help. There is a relationship that needs some TLC and you will know exactly who. Jupiter will be jumping into your first house December 20 and this will be a great cycle for you most of the year. Harmon y is the keyword for the month. Try to let annoyances and issues take a backseat. Enjoy the holidays as some special surprises are in store.

Taurus: Mars in your first house this month. This is lots of energy set aside for you Taurus people. This is an excellent time to learn something new. Thinking of changing jobs? This may be a good time to start planning this. Or there could be some major changes at work for you. Remember to have some fun and try not to take yourself too seriously. Your primary relationship is a little edgy this month but you will work things out.

Gemini: Mercury is transiting your 8th house so there are lots of conversations going on.. business or pleasure or both. And Jupiter is still Transiting Pisces so things at work are going well and basically you are looking good. Other people's money could be front and center this month. Looking for an investment or perhaps just some financial assistance.

Cancer: Partnership is featured and this could be business or personal. With both Mercury and Venus in this house a lot of activity and many parties to go to. And you Cancers do love your home so it is a great time to have some friends over. Thinking about a new business? Give this some thought ...or it could be a new job on the horizon. Thinking about working remote..or perhaps you already do. Why not fix up your office space a little?

Leo: Work is featured this month. There are some hurdles to get over but you will. You could be on serious overload so remember. to take time for yourself. A person is needing some attention and make sure you take care of this. This is also a great time for you to meditate which will help you feel centered. Also healthy eating is on your agenda and don't forget to hit the gym or just take some brisk walks

Virgo: You may be thinking of adding to your family with a fur baby. This is a good time to rescue a little friend. Also a new hobby can be on your agenda, and one that could add to your income in the future. Looking for romance? you may find it in the most unexpected place. Or if you are in a relationship things are looking good... maybe a commitment. With Mars transiting your 9th house.. Maybe start a yoga class or check into Tapping ..that is truly amazing

Libra: You often indecisive Libras have way too many choices to make this month. What to buy, what to cook ..whatever. Home is where the heart is and you will enjoy your well decorated home and taking on some home projects. Your career or even if you are a volunteer some new excitement there. Take time to share with your friends.. as they may need your. sage advice. If you are feeling tense or stuck this is a good time to evaluate what is going on in your life.

Scorpio: Some travel is up for this coming month. You could be asked to speak for a group on a special topic. Getting away for even a day trip will do wonders for you. There is something about getting in your car and leaving responsibility behind... and this is perfect for you. There are some shakeups at work and your relationship needs some attention.. Pay attention to what people are saying this month.

Capricorn. You Capricorns are super busy this month with some new projects both work and home. You can start the planning and do all the research and be ready to start next month. There will be lots of calls from relatives this month and from good friends also. Take time out to listen to them and why not invite them to your house? You may get an urge to try some cooking even if you never do... Baking cookies is so much fun and invite someone to share this experience.

Aquarius: This is a time for giving and sharing what you have. You generally are very giving people and always have a hand out to help. This first week is good for money.. maybe a bonus or a dividend is headed your way. Or maybe you sold something. Are you thinking about moving? Do not over spend for the holidays. and just be practical. This is a good time also the do a good cleanng of clutter that you have been putting off.

Pisces: You are the dreamers of the zodiac Jupiter is still in your fist house so look for great things to happen the first three weeks of December. You seem to be taking extra time time with your appearance. It will be noticed. Not a good month for a diet but maybe next month. If you are thinking about joining a new group this is a great time. New business contacts and some new friends who share your interests. are on the horizon.

Thanks for reading my first monthly forecast. I would love your opinions and comments.

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I'm always impressed with your thorough and deep knowledge in Astrology, Carol. You have been spot on with my chart reading and most of all, it is so evident how truly passionate you are about what you do and your desire to help others. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!

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