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February Happenings for all 12 Zodiac signs

Remember: This is your sun sign and rising sign FORECAST


The featured sign for February is Aquarius. We know our Aquarian friends are always there for us. You Aquarius people are giving, sharing and often the caregivers of the zodiac. You are super smart and often have great technical skills. There are many Aquarians in the field of medicine displaying their great talent for taking care of all of us.

In love a little commitment shy but when you fall in love you are loyal to the end. You are often very athletic and enjoy sports... more in the doing department than the watching.

Your food preferences are extremely simple and you often eat to live rather than live to eat. Many Aquarians are interested in Astrology which is good for me. Lots of curiosity about life follows you around all the time.

You are most compatible with Geminis, Aries, Libras and Leos. You have a great sense of adventure and love your freedom.

This month holds for you some short trips which you will enjoy. You are up for learning new things. You are being called up to lead up a group and your decision whether or not you go in that direction. We cannot forget Valentine's day.... time to buy those flowers and candy for a special person in your life. Mars is transiting your 4th house so home life is featured. Lots of activity at home and also if you work there... time to spruce up your office.

Aries: Of course this is your year to shine but this month is another story. You are also shining at work... whether at home or in a office... things are just falling in your life. Be vigilant for changes that may occur in your work. A promotion or change in your work venue. You will receive an important phone call that will cause you to make a big decision. so be ready. Careful with money this month... ...a lot of temptations.

Taurus: This is all about money for you Taurus people. A new opportunity is in the forecast for February. Are you ready? Also time to have some fun as you have been working a lot. Your changing attitude about a certain someone is taking up a lot of your thoughts. Thinking about a commitment? This may be a good time to think about a yoga class, meditation or some avenue where you can release some stress in your life.

Gemini: Lots of good luck falling in your lap. Make sure you recognize it. It could be very subtle. so be on the lookout. Venus is in Capricorn until the fifteenth of this month. If you are planning a valentine's day surprise get it in motion. You will get very busy around that day so have things in order. You will be totally glad you did.. There is something you are on the fence about and needing to make a decision. Lots of new ideas to share.

Cancer: A social time for you or should I say time to socialize with business associates and possible new clients. You are generally very organized and ahead of the game with your career life. Perhaps it is time to join a new group... for pleasure or work. You have a special new interest you want to pursue so go for it... You will be surprised at the value of this. And Valentine's day make sure this is covered... I am seeing a lovely dinner with a rose.

Leo: You are generally a loving and caring person. People seem to value your help and advice a lot. You are looking good at work and working very hard. Don't burn out.! You have a major goal you want to reach. Your love is hoping for a lovely day on February 14..... take care of this. There is a chance you have just met someone new you like so some caution for Valentines day. You be the judge of this. And this person who may be coming into your life... right there at work.

Virgo: Okay Virgos get yourself in gear this month. January has been very slow for you. This month is on high speed... work and social life. Are you ready? A new bonding friendship is in order and remember this is give and take. A slight insecurity is hanging on a little. Not to worry as this money is looking very good in all directions. Thank Venus and Mercury for that. Mercury will be in Capricorn all month so take advantage of this. In other words social, ambition and your creative nature are doing well.

Libra: Your fourth house is on fire this month. Mercury is in Capricorn which benefits your 4th house.. your home life in general. If you work at home you will be efficient and effective. There will be a few minor issues but you will rise above them. Venus is also in Capricorn the first half of the month. So maybe some home decorations or better yet a warm and cozy Valentine's day with your significant other. Are you thinking of expanding your work situation and need some extra money.. it. could easily come your way.

Scorpio: Venus is in Capricorn which is your third house... This is travel... so start planning some short and fun trips... An overnight is fine. You may have a presentation to make to a client and you are ready for this. Your hard work is paying off. Make sure you trust anyone you working with currently. It doesn't hurt to do a little research ... Also a good time to trust your gut feelings.. If it feels wrong don't do it and if you are feeling comfy with it go for it. it will all fall into place and be quite a happy surprise.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in the fifth house ensures a fun social time for you this month. Also your creative juices are flowing beautifully. You could meet someone new this month or best tending to your current relationship. You are having some doubts. The Freedom loving Sagittarius has a little commitment anxiety from time to time. However this will pass....when you make a decision about this. Venus is in your second house which also indicates some spending. You are debating whether or not to invest in something for your home. This is totally up to you and your decision will be made this month.

Capricorn: Your sign is very busy this month with Venus in Capricorn and Mercury in Capricorn. You are focused on a lot of things. There is a big trip you are deciding about and a possibly a new job. Use your efficient Capricorn brain and look at the good and challenging of all situations. You are so good at organizing and planning that your decision will work well for you. Mars will give you that extra energy to make these decisions. It is okay to follow your heart and go for something new in your life.... that will be happening.

Pisces: All know that Pisces is last sign of the zodiac but never in last place. This is a good time to meet someone new or if you are already in love make sure you are kind and loving this month. Someone feels left out and time for you to notice this. You have worked hard this month and have either co workers or friends that need your attention. This is an excellent time to start unloading stuff from your house that you have not used for several years. This is a tough job for you Pisces people who are born savers. And I hate to mention there are many repairs that need your attention.

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